Gina’s personal integrity and professionalism is of the highest quality. 
She has the ability to express powerful and effective messages, which foster healthy living and wellness.
She is able to touch people on a personal level as well building a stronger, healthier community at large.
- David Mueller, Vice President, Caring Hands Inc.

"Look out Broadway here she comes." 
Bridging The Water Gap  International Conference

"Very important message that needs to go to people all over the world . Tony  M.

"A brilliant expression of Spirit.  Transcendent, touching, inspiring!"
Dawn Morningstar - Founder of Venerable Women

"I hardly found an artist who can convey so much light energy on the spot!" Franz Nahrada - Our Global Village - Vienna Austria


Mama ED 2018.png

"One of the most Awe- Inspiring shows ever!"
Tina Johnson -  Mind, Body, Spirit FM107

Mama ED 2016 arm out.png

"Simply Genius!"
Christine Cole -  Unity of Sedona

Mama Earth 2017.png

"This show is a representative and ambassador of agreater reality!"
Rebekka Swan, Actress & Producer, Ashland Oregon

"This must go to the masses! Tears filled my eyes through at least 3 different parts... Thank you for the hope, wisdom and inspiration.
Gina Citoli!! Broadway better get ready!" 
Oasis Center for Conscious Living

Mam Laughing.png

"Dazzling and passionate. Delivered with an astounding voice."
 Kelli Tatum - Widespot Performing Arts

More Testimonials

"We were all awestruck over how powerful Gina’s performance was!" -
Carolyn Brooks - LSIC   

"Gina Citoli is new in Sedona, but certainly not new to the stage! 
She packs a punch with her powerful and compelling tunes and tells stories through her original music
that make us all ponder. I think she has a great future as one of Sedona’s great vocalists
and will inspire many with her Cabaret of Consciousness in years to come. I am honored to know her as an artist.  She’s a pro!"
Elyce Monet - President, Parangello Players

“Gina gave a totally awesome performance with such heart, and wisdom, and her gorgeous voice. “
Sterling Sumaya O'Grady - School of The Violet Flame.

“A powerful, creative, brave and utterly enjoyable performance. It moved me deeply.
The information was not new to me, but the presentation worked its way into my heart in a new way.
Thank you for creating your show and for performing it with such beauty.”
Gratefully yours, Debra Darvick – Picture a Conversation

“Gina Citoli's creation 'A Cabaret of Consciousness'
  is an entire library synthesized into a  high-energy one-woman show. And what a show it is!

Gina as 'Mama Earth',  a living, breathing, singing, dancing, tell-it-like-it-is, no-holds-barred mama, who will no longer be ignored.
She is enlisting our help, all of us, to do right by her. After all, she's our Mama.
Thank you, Gina for reminding us all to love and do good. Small package, outsize talent! - Tay Nunn Perry

"Gina's 'Cabaret of Consciousness' was a fabulously inspiring and musically entertaining exploration into the realms of higher consciousness from the perspective of the 'Earth" herself. The performance invoked a preciously possible vision of the 'Golden Age', a vision near and dear to my heart!"
Johnny Light, Singer/Songwriter & Manager of
Heaven on Earth Retreat, Prescott, AZ

"The performance was phenomenal and entertaining! It had an intense energy and passion that carried throughout.
It is a great self help performance and extremely informative on environmental issues. Whether you are a fan of theater, music, the environment, or just need a coaching seminar this is the performance for you." Ethan Mollet, River Falls, WI 

“Gina was fabulous - what a great voice and personality. Her show is inspiring and uplifting.
-Barbara Litrel, Mental Health Coalition of Verde Valley, AZ

"The star quality Voice, the thought provoking and soul touching lyrics, the engaging music.. Riveting, exciting, and spellbinding! 
Gina's live performances are more than just a show, they are health food for the spirit." - United Earth Alliance  

"Gina's performance is much more than great musical entertainment, it is simply genius, blending her incredible voice and vision into an educational and inspirational production.  She is truly one of the brilliant light bearers of today, passionately performing her one-woman musical as Mother Earth, with a wakeup call for all of us to re-evaluate our way of thinking and our true creative abilities, encouraging us to step up and be the potential  we were created to be. Loved it!!  Christine Cole - Unity of Sedona

"A Cabaret of Consciousness is a brilliant expression of Spirit, a transcendent experience that touches, move and inspires. Gina Citoli as Mama Earth will have you enthusiastically nodding your head and heart with one huge "YES!"  And I predict that the signature song from the show, "It All Comes Down to Love,"  will become a favorite source of inspiration for you --just as it is for me!"
 - Dawn Morningstar MCLCP,  Professional Master Life Coach, & Founder of Venerable Women, St. Paul, MN

"This amazing show transports us to our highest consciousness where we can literally hear the voice of the Earth speaking to us.
A Cabaret of Consciousness is an inspirational celebration of life!  Carolyn Germaine - Irish Byways Tours  

"The most life enriching performance I have ever had the privilege of experiencing . The lyrics were up lifting and delivered in such a way that I felt Gina was communicating one on one with everybody in the audience. A real refreshing experience.  If you get a chance jump at any opportunity to listen."
Rick Martinek - Media Max Events & Expos, Inc., Mpls, MN

"I really enjoyed this performance.  It is very educational and should really be addressed as a FAMILY EDUCATIONAL event. Gina is on the right path in educating us all!  Her performance is so energetic, her expressions and the way she sings is spellbinding.  
I love the music and the story telling was fantastic!  Gina is a natural performer with such a conscious story to tell, and I love her vision!  Hats off to YOU Gina!" Christy Hamilton, General Manager, BreakAway  Arts Cafe'

"With effervescence, passion and an astounding set of pipes, Gina Citoli delivers a message of hope to her audience in A Cabaret of Consciousness. Packed with invaluable information, the Cabaret explores the way to better living, higher thinking and a greener path, and all with
a sensational soundtrack! Gina throws her heart and soul into this show, and the audience can't help but be inspired.
Kelli Tatum, Executive Director, The WideSpot Performing Arts Center

I had the opportunity to see Gina’s one-woman Cabaret of. She's got style, verve, humor, a great voice and powerfully conscious messages."
Miriam Knight - New Consciousness Review, Portland, OR

"Gina is a presence to be reckoned with – combining rock star energy and crystal clear spiritual truth. Gina delivers the goods for the awakening world."  
Rev. Cheri Jensen, Senior Minister - Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living

"A Cabaret Of Consciousness is one of the shows that is a must see for all ages.  Gina's ability to communicate and engage with the audience is nothing like I have ever experienced before. Her voice is like a choir of angels. Gina's sense of humor and her stage presence had me laughing, crying and just purely in a state of bliss. This one woman show was beyond any expectations I could have had......."look out Broadway here she comes."  
Bridging The Water Gap International Conference  Sharon Mullen - Co Creator AquaEssence ReSource

"Gina Citoli is a spiritual smash.  Our congregation was treated to hearing our philosophy for the first time in a musical!  I dubbed it… New Thought philosophy meets GLEE!  Gina’s energetic performance is backed by solid spiritual truths and stories  that combined with music touched us all on many different levels.   I can’t imagine a better way for our message to be heard from town to town."  
Rev. Michael Ingersoll, Seattle, WA

"Gina's enthusiasm for her work shines forth in a powerful way through story and song. Mother Earth inspires me to be more,
do more, and sing more! for the greatest good of all life on this beautiful planet and beyond!"  - Susan Sabre - A Celebration Of Women Retreat  

 "Certainly a Broadway class performance! Gina's voice is captivating and dynamic; with music and lyrics reaching right in and touching your heart, as well as awakening your Spirit within. Entertaining and thought provoking at the same time,  I am thrilled to have experienced A Cabaret of Consciousness."   -  Jan Billings

Throughout the day today, I've been musing on last evening's program and sorting through some of the thoughts and feelings that were generated. Gina’s performance was remarkable in a number of ways.  Her sustained level of energy and engagement were extraordinary.   The philosophical content of the show was well presented.  It is not an easy body of information to condense down to an approachable level, but Gina managed to do it well. 
- GA

"What an eye-opener... Gina has a beautiful way of weaving a complex tapestry right before our eyes...and we experience every part of it!"
- Amy S. Tolbert, Ph.D., CSP - ECCO International. 

"Gina's performance is captivating and inspiring!! She muses you with powerful song and story. Your heart will be filled and your mind will be opened. Thank you Gina, for the gift of your talents and your willingness to share them." - Punky Fedora - RES Real Estate - Sponsor

What a night it was to witness, " A Cabaret of Consciousness"!  For some time, I'd been hearing great reviews and was looking forward to the show and boy was I impressed!  Back in the years when I traveled, I'd spent many days and nights in NYC, attending shows on Broadway and the likes, which helped raise my awareness of good talent. The moment Gina came on stage and began to sing, I felt my spirit lift.  Throughout the show, I felt inspired and positive. I couldn't help but think what an amazing and talented performer and whispered to my girlfriend... " she belongs on the big stage"! Thank you for sharing your creative and magnanimous heart and soul to this small university community of River Falls.  We're very fortunate to have you.
 Jaime Allison Rambo , Brain Gym

"Gina Citoli has masterfully produced a show that is both entertaining and informative. She teaches about personal and universal evolution as well as self-empowerment, through song, stories and facts. Her manner of entertaining/teaching is universal and can be understood by all.
The show awakens the curiosity within to discover more. "JL

"When you are in the room with her you feel the soul of the music permeate every fiber of your being. It is an amazing experience." - OKP Events

Gina Citoli rocked the house with her Cabaret of Consciousness.  Her deep, soulful voice projected a powerful and positive message.  I came out of the theater very uplifted---something everyone needs! - Susan Stone   (and I mean it)

"We loved every minute of Mama Earth! Gina's powerful message and voice were both enlightening and entertaining. We felt empowered and moved to make a difference in this world. Thanks Gina for your love and contribution to the earth and its inhabitants."  - Jan and Pete Girad

"My car seemed to be elevated about two inches off the freeway all the way home. A wonderful presentation with beautiful and contagious energy.  It's an idea that will find its audience in amazing ways, I know!! Its time has come!"  L.L