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Gina Citoli as Mama Earth delivers a dynamic life and world changing message of promise, possibilities, and brilliance to an awakening people.

A Cabaret of Consciousness is a harbinger of a new way of being.
It exemplifies the intelligence of the heart, the wisdom of the ages, the masters, and avatars.

Brimming with feel good vibes, magnificent music, captivating stories, breakthrough information, humor and…

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A Cabaret of Consciousness is exceptional in that it integrates performance and healing arts, with science and ancient wisdom.

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Sedona Debut

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"Gina’s personal integrity and professionalism is of the highest quality. She has the ability to express
powerful and effective messages, which foster healthy living and wellness. She is able to touch people
on a personal level as well building a stronger, healthier community at large. - David Mueller, Vice President, Caring Hands Inc.

"Gina's performance is much more than great musical entertainment, it is simply genius, blending her incredible voice and vision into
an educational and inspirational production.  She is truly one of the brilliant light bearers of today, passionately performing her one-woman musical as Mother Earth, with a wakeup call for all of us to re-evaluate our way of thinking and our true creative abilities, encouraging us to step up and be the potential  we were created to be. Loved it!! 
Christine Cole - Unity of Sedona

"A Cabaret of Consciousness is a brilliant expression of Spirit, a transcendent experience that touches, move and inspires. Gina Citoli as Mama Earth will have you enthusiastically nodding your head and heart with one huge "YES!"  And I predict that the signature song from the show,
"It All Comes Down to Love,"  will become a favorite source of inspiration for you --just as it is for me!"

 - Dawn Morningstar MCLCP,  Professional Master Life Coach, & Founder of Venerable Women

"This amazing show transports us to our highest consciousness where we can literally hear the voice of the Earth speaking to us.
A Cabaret of Consciousness is an inspirational celebration of life!
  Carolyn Germaine - Irish Byways Tours  

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Here are links to the Superb Value & Benefits, Concepts and Informational Sources A Cabaret of Consciousness is built on.

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A Note From Gina...

I would like to share a story with you about "A Cabaret of Consciousness". It has been an adventure and journey for me. The very first show someone asked me if I was able to follow all the principles it contained. I looked at her and said no but I will! I had no idea what it would mean for me to do so.

Years later someone who had seen the Cabaret several times came up to me and said: "You now embody the show!" Well, I thought now I can relax a while! But then the world and show evolved and I had to keep up. 

"A Cabaret of Consciousness" has  taken on a life of its own. I sometimes believe it creates me rather than the other way around.  I decided this after a performance in Seattle at The Seattle Center for Spiritual Living. I had a great audience and after the show the Music Director who had brought me to the Center got up and said to the audience... " It is difficult to get a great script, it is difficult to get a great score and it is difficult to get a great performance but Gina has done all three!" And by the way he just so happened to have worked on Broadway as an actor and director. 

I knew then my Cabaret writes itself, as I have never had any formal music or writing lessons and I have had very few vocal lessons. I learned how to perform from my Russian dancing teacher who had escaped
from Russia during the cold war. I took that foundation along with determination, a great desire, purpose and focus and ran with it. I think "A Cabaret of Consciousness" has proved it's own message though me!
That is we are powerful beings and ANYTHING is Possible!  .... 


A Cabaret of Consciousness is a heartfelt call from Mama Earth to humanity to become its own heroes, legends, and geniuses.
It is a call to become change makers that are inspired by love and act from an elevated consciousness and creative mind. Visionaries that evolve from activism to coherent engagement.  Mama Earth calls out to humanity to awaken to their true power and use it for personal and planetary transformation.

In this performance she passionately shows us the power we have and lays out her plan step by step of how to use that power to bring “The Natural Order” of our world back into balance.

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