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To address the great need for a world of wellbeing, mindfulness, peace and abundance for all I have designed a family package.

This package consists of two engaging,  exciting and fun filled performances for the entire family.
They are exceptional in that they have been intentionally and consciously created to share essential information in a way that is
elevating, inspirational and enjoyable.  This is a great passion for me as it is vital that we start at home and within
each person’s heart to turn our world around!!

In theses performances Mama Earth passionately shows us the power we have and lays out
her plan step by step of how to use that power to create a happier,  healthier and more beautiful world!

 A Cabaret of Consciousness is for ages 9 and up.
It can be on a Friday or Saturday late afternoon or early evening and will include a forum for discussion along with Q & A .
In the program there will be seven steps that can easily be incorporated into family life that can be practiced together.
 There will also be links to further information that the show is built on.   

More resources will  be posted here as they develop. 

Green It UP! is for the younger ones from 6 to 9 (5-year old’s may benefit as well)), and will be on the following afternoon. 

I  whole hardheartedly encourage businesses, churches, spiritual centers and organizations to sponsor this for your communities! 

Together we can turn things around on planet earth!

Gina - AKA  - Mama Earth

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