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Gina Citoli - Mama Earth

Gina, and everything she offers is first class all the way. 
She enriches, enlivens, and fascinates her audiences with engaging
entertainment, visionary ways of learning, and a greater awareness of ourselves and our world.

There is nothing else like her performances. Her original performances offer a brilliant vision for humanity, and solutions to the challenges we face as a people, and a planet, all in an exceptional and exciting way,

Gina marries her diverse background in theater, music, and performance arts with her knowledge of new science, environmental awareness,
alternative healing, metaphysics, and universal laws and truths. She wraps this all together in one dynamic package delivering performances that
are extraordinary, inspirational, elevating, and empowering.  

 Gina’s company, Alchemy VII Enterprises is dedicated to producing performance art that take the participants
Beyond Entertainment into "The Extraordinary!"

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The Creators

Dialouge and Lyrics By - Gina Citoli
Music Written By:

Natural Order Of Things - Sue Birch, Steve Lundberg, Carl Wergyn, Marshall Davis
Arise From Within - Marshall Davis
Take The Fear Away - Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis
Breakdown Of Imagination- Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis
Mental Ecology - Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis
Respectfully Yours - Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis
Walking on Sacred Ground – Gina Citoli & Sue Birch
It All Comes Down To Love - Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis
A Thousand Years Of Peace - Gina Citoli, Sue Birch, Steve Lundberg, Carl Wergyn
City of Light - Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis
Chocolate Rocks - Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis
The Dream Lives - Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis
These Are The Days Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis, Barry Goldstein

Music Performance, Production and Engineering By:
The Natural Order Of Things, Eyes Of A Child, A Thousand Years Of Peace: performed and arranged by Alchemy VII - Gina Citoli, Sue Birch, Steve Lundberg, Carl Wergyn, Marshall Davis, Sarah Montgomery. - Produced by Gina Citoli & Sue Birch - Engineered By Todd Fitzgerald

Take The Fear Away: performed by Gina Citoli, arranged by Marshall Davis  - Produced by Gina Citoli & Marshall Davis - Engineered by Todd Fitzgerald.

City of Light:  Performed by Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis, Steve Lundberg and Sue Birch - Arranged by Marshall Davis - Produced By Gina Citoli & Marshall Davis

Arise From Within: performed, produced and arranged by Marshall Davis

Breakdown Of Imagination, Mental Ecology, and Respectfully Yours:  Performed and Produced by Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis. Arranged by Marshall Davis - Back up vocals on Breakdown Gina Citoli and Sue Birch

Walking on Sacred Ground engineered by Sue Birch

Chocolate Rocks & The Dream Lives: Performed by Gina Citoli & Marshall Davis. Arrangement by Marshall Davis.
Co produced by Gina Citoli & Marshall Davis. Engineered by Todd Fitzgerald.

These Are the Days & It All Comes Down To Love.  Performed by Gina Citoi, Produced by Barry Goldstein.

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The Inspiration

o all who have contributed to our efforts and vision. We all learn from one another and use our own creativity to pass on the information for our evolvement.  I would like to give credit to all of my teachers and have listed those from whom I have drawn information for this show. There are many others who have had an important influence on me, from Deepak Chopra to Gandhi as well as friends and family. Thank You!!

All environmental Information from Newsweek Special Edition on the environment.

 This show is based on and influenced by the following:

Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting - Lynn Grabhorn
Gregg Braden – All of his work.
The Celestine Prophecy and Secret Of Shambhala - James Redfield.
The Power Of Now - Eckhart Tolle
The Life and Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East - Baird Spalding
The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz
The Four Fold Way - Angeles Arrien
Eye Of The Eye - Dr. David Hawkins
Messages From Water - Masaru Emoto
What The Bleep Is Going On? 
Gaia TV
Heart Math Institute If you want to see some great studies that are being done check these people out.
The Global Coherence Initiative
Teilhard de Chardin
Albert Einstein
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Cave Story based on 'Plato's Republic'.
'Hundredth Monkey' story based on Ken Keys Hundredth Monkey Theory.
A Thousand Years Of Peace inspired by John Lennon and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.