A Cabaret of Consciousness is built on the following concepts:

·      The  importance of getting reconnected to "The Natural Order of Things."
   ( Natural Laws of The Universe)

·         Personal empowerment, the power of choice and responsible action.

·         The essential roles of self-sovereignty and sustainability

·         The significance of conscious conversation in families and communities.

·         A greater awareness of the use of words and their effect.  

·         Ways to grow peace in our daily lives and conflict resolution. 

·         The importance of acts of kindness, compassion, empathy and respect for
each other, the earth and all of life.

·         Mental Ecology and environmental awareness.

·         Personal and planetary well being.

·         Creativity, imagination and trust. 

·         A shift of perspective to solve the challenges we face. 

·         Moving out of fear into the power of love and the practice of gratitude.

·         Visionary Coherent  Activism.

·         The knowing that anything is possible!

A Cabaret of Consciousness as a Theater Salon.  www.TheaterSalons.com