Wellness and Healing Resorts, Retreats.
Offer a performance to your guests as enriching entertainment to compliment healing programs or have as a special event.

Motivational, and Consciousness Raising Conferences
Perfect evening entertainment to support and reinforce the content of your event!

Spiritual Communities
Offer a performance to members as a powerful yet entertaining self-realization, and transformation tool.
A wonderful event for families, ages 10 and up and see the Family Event that includes a show for the younger children. 

Organizations, Businesses, and Corporations
Offer a performance for staff, team, and leadership retreats or community outreach programs.
Gift a an event to your employees and their families, ages 10 and up. See the Family Event that includes a show for the younger children. 

If you a looking for an exceptional, and entertaining Fundraiser,  A Cabaret of Consciousness is a fantastic choice! 
The beauty, and benefit of having "A Cabaret of Consciousness as a fundraiser is that not only are you raising money, 
you are offering your audience a one of a kind experience that holds outstanding benefits, and superb value.

More about the Benefits and Value and Informational Sources A Cabaret of Consciousness is built on.


Book A Cabaret of Consciousness

Performance of A Cabaret of Consciousness - 90 minutes.
(With or without an intermission. Add 15 min to include a brief intermission.

Spiritual Awakening Gathering
More information at Spiritual Awaking

You may request a Zoom Conference as well as inquiring about dates with the following form. 
For your information, and convenience here is a download of Gina's Technical and Travel Requirements.

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