A Note From Gina...

I would like to share a story with you about "A Cabaret of Consciousness". It has been an adventure and journey for me. The very first show someone asked me if I was able to follow all the principles it contained. I looked at her and said no but I will! I had no idea what it would mean for me to do so.

Years later someone who had seen the Cabaret several times came up to me and said: "You now embody the show!" Well, I thought now I can relax a while! But then the world and show evolved and I had to keep up. 

"A Cabaret of Consciousness" has  taken on a life of its own. I sometimes believe it creates me rather than the other way around.  I decided this after a performance in Seattle at The Seattle Center for Spiritual Living. I had a great audience and after the show the Music Director who had brought me to the Center got up and said to the audience... " It is difficult to get a great script, it is difficult to get a great score and it is difficult to get a great performance but Gina has done all three!" And by the way he just so happened to have worked on Broadway as an actor and director. 

I knew then my Cabaret writes itself, as I have never had any formal music or writing lessons and I have had very few vocal lessons.
I learned how to perform from my Russian dancing teacher who had escaped from Russia during the cold war. I took that foundation along with determination, a great desire, purpose and focus and ran with it. I think "A Cabaret of Consciousness" has proved it's own message though me!

That is we are powerful beings and ANYTHING is Possible!  ....  

Tiny Cabaret  Heart.png